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Regular yoga practise develops our awareness within and increases our ability to live in and appreciate the moment fully. We start to realise the subtleties within and notice detail that we may never have paid attention to before. We learn to really listen to and hear ourselves. We begin to live our life in better harmony with our needs and surroundings.

I teach Yin, Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Pregnancy and Post-natal Yoga in London, UK.

I aim to guide students to feel effects of poses for themselves and to develop an inner understanding and knowledge of how their own bodies work.

I have studied with, amongst others, Paul Grilley and Maarten Vermaase.

Please feel free to contact me for information.

Why practice yoga?

Quite simply because it makes you feel fantastic! Regular practice will leave you full of energy and joy for life. It will help detoxify and tone your body, build up core and muscle strength, increase your ability to focus and concentrate and help create inner peace and stability.

I am well aware of the effects a life of office work, city dwelling, lack of sleep and stress can have on our body and mind. I have experienced how regular yoga practice can effectively reduce our stress and help bring balance and harmony to the workings of our body and our minds.

I have come to appreciate the profound changes that can take place in a yoga practitioner through simply getting to know their body more intimately. We start to appreciate the subtleties within and notice detail that we may never have paid attention to before. We start to learn to really listen to and hear our bodies. We begin to live our life in better harmony with our bodies’ needs and with nature, which we are inherently a part of whether living in the city or the country.

At a purely physical level, yoga practice increases strength throughout the body in a balanced and even way. Core strength is worked on at a deep level. The muscles strengthened are the deeper layers of muscles, compared to the superficial muscles worked on during a gym workout.

At a mental level, yoga increases our ability to concentrate and pay attention to detail. It stills the mind, getting rid of all the chatter that goes on continuously and by creating more space helps us to use our mind more efficiently.

At an emotional level, yoga helps bring serenity, balance, equanimity and an inner sense of peace and joy. It invigorates us and brings a fresh, energetic outlook to life.

Yoga practice works at all of these levels, however, according to needs and aims certain aspects of the practice can be emphasised more than others. The beauty of practising yoga is that it can be tailored to meet anybody’s needs at any given time. I believe that there is a style out there to suit everyone and every condition. Everyone’s needs are different and also change from day to day, moment to moment. It is important to become aware of and pay attention to what our body or mind needs at that particular time and work according to that.

I try to provide a bespoke approach for my students. This is especially possible in private or small group classes.

Most importantly, yoga is fun, it should always remain enjoyable and we should feel great after the practice – every time.